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Only CREAM gets you up to Startup Speed

Everything else is just workshops

Startups enjoy the motivation of extremely limited resources. They have to find a solution that works before time runs out. Which means act faster or go bust. Way faster than any established organization. We have helped startups get to market, now we help established organizations launch like startups. CREAM's unique Launch! program and expert Startup Guides are faster than any other program out there, because startups don't have time to waste. Do you?



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CREAM in a nutshell

Impact money can't buy

We are a collective of veteran startup mentors and founders, who are on a quest to bring entrepreneurial mindsets into established organizations. We lead innovations to market, and shape people. We enjoy helping executives see through the mist of bullshit bingo innovation & understand their internal organizational innovation potential from the ground up. We test new formats of work on ourselves, because we don't like to sell what we have not experienced. We don't believe in workshops as an end unto itself, and we don't believe in traditional consulting. We don't believe in 'digitalization', we believe in hard work and cutting-edge tools & processes. We don't believe in 'frameworks', we believe in focus. We believe in humbling oneself through hypotheses and early customer exposure. We believe that startup-minded people don't have time for sugar-coated guidance. That is why we are never scared to tell a hard truth that breaks a product, but we promise you to help you put it back together better - we call that tough love. We are highly selective about who we work with, because this is a founder-driven company, and we enjoy focus. We work remote because. We stay small because another big company is the polar opposite of what you need right now. We work with startups, because we highly value entrepreneurship & efficiency. We work with corporate teams to help them launch like founders.



Attitude meets action

We have guided hundreds of startup founders to market. CREAM is made out of that experience, distilled into a unique program for established organizations. Our Launch! program is based on the work & tools that make today's top founders successful, seamlessly integrated into one continuous, blazing-fast formula. Our tested with startup founders to optimize for as little clutter as possible. Launch! is flexible enough to allow you to jump in at any phase, and always customized to fit the specific demands of your challenge. Our experienced Startup Guides lead you through building, validation and launch of your venture or project. Wether it is a market launch, the next investment, or that crucial supply deal: they have been there & done that - at startup speed. Nobody can get you there faster.



successful strategy & design pivots initiated


$M invested into the ventures we have coached


hours of tough love given to founders, managers & executives


ventures saved from going to market with unvalidated products

Our clients
love our work

But don’t just take our word for it...

“ABC Agency our the best. Not only did they deliver my work on time, they even walked my dog when I was out of town”
A Smith – Neighbour

“I don’t like people, but I make an exception for ABC Agency. They’re pretty damn cool.”
Brian Jones,  America Big Corporation


A couple of the people we worked with, and some of the work we did

Outstanding work starts with deep conversations. We will cross boundaries together, so we like to take the time to get to know each other. From our Digital Challenges Sessions, to our constant update protocols, to our check-ins after we're 'done' - we pay respect to the fact that trust is not only paid forward, but also hard-earned . Just because we help our partners think big, that doesn't mean they don't deserve to stay on top of every small step we take.

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